Provisions of the reform of the control and supervision activities in relation to the supervisory and preventive functions of the EMERCOM of Russia

Y.A. Andreev1,2, Holder of an Advanced Doctorate (Doctor of Science) in Engineering Sciences; P.V. Shirinkin 1, Ph.D. of Engineering Sciences; A.A. Melnik 1, Ph.D. of Engineering Sciences; A.N.Nestrugin 3, Ph.D. of Engineering Sciences; I.V.Maltceva3
1 Siberian Fire and Rescue Academy of the State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia;
2 Siberian Federal University;
3Department of Supervision and Preventive Work of the EMERCOM of Russia

The main provisions of the reform of control and supervisory activities and the existing methodological proposals of assessing of the efficiency of preventive measures were studied, the components of the supervisory EMERCOM system of federal, territorial and municipal levels for assessing of level of development of the system of prevention and rating were proposed.

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