Approach to assessing the level of public awareness in the field of life safety

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A. A. Melnik, Ph.D. of Engineering Sciences, Docent; A.V. Antonov, Ph.D. of Engineering Sciences; N.V Martinovich; I.V. Atylin
FSBEE HE Siberian Fire and Rescue Academy EMERCOM of Russia

The possible algorithm of assessment of level of knowledge of the population on the basis of results of sociological poll is presented in article. This indicator reflects a share of effectively informed population, i.e. a share of the population which obtained and acquired information in the field of complex safety. Assessment of level of knowledge is offered to carry out on questions “to markers. It is possible to use the indicator of effective informing offered in this work, as when determining cost, budgetary efficiency of each action for types of a source of information, and for determination of the cumulative economic and social effect of a complex of actions for informing the population in the field of complex safety.

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