The position and width of the working layer of the chemical adsorbent of carbon dioxide in isolating respirators and self-rescuers with the jump of the diameter of the oxygen-containing granules of the product

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S.G. Ekhilewskiy, doctor of technical Sciences, associate Professor
Polotsk state University, Republic of Belarus

Expressions for the asymptotics of the mathematical expectation and standard deviation of the coordinate of the elementary act of chemisorption of carbon dioxide in the regenerative cartridge of the insulating breathing apparatus with a circular circuit of the airway in the presence of a jump in the diameter of the granules of the oxygen-containing product are obtained. Increasing the diameter of the granules at the beginning of the regenerative cartridge prevents them from sintering under the action of exothermic heat. A decrease in the diameter of the granules at the end of the cartridge – increases the rate of chemisorption and reduces the dead layer of sorbent. Both increase the efficiency of the protective resource of the device. It is shown that in cartridges with two or more kilograms of oxygen-containing product, even in the presence of a jump in the diameter of the granules, the normal distribution of the carbon dioxide slip has time to form. This allowed us to write a simple equation to determine the increased duration of the protective action of such devices.

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