The vitrification of radioactive materials by using microwave energy

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A.V. Vasilyev, Ph. D. of Engineering Sciences; A.N. Lagunov, Ph. D. of Pedagogic Sciences
FSBEE HE Siberian Fire and Rescue Academy EMERCOM of Russia

The problems of handling and disposal of radioactive waste (RW) accumulated over decades of weapons-grade plutonium production in the USSR are described in the article. The disadvantages of the current facility for RW vitrification in the ceramic melter EP-500 at the “Mayak” (Chelyabinsk region) are noted. The advantages of microwave energy as a heat source are listed. The current state of the use of RW conditioning technology using microwave energy in different countries of the world is analyzed. The developed technological parameters of the semi-industrial microwave unit presented by a team of employees of the Mining and chemical combine (Zheleznogorsk) and a number of Russian research laboratories for RW vitrification of the sludge stored in the MCC tanks.

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