«Taiga-Analyst» as a tool in the fight against forest fires

«Taiga-Analyst» as a tool in the fight against forest fires

P.V. Shirinkin1, Ph.D. of Engineering Sciences; S.V. Kobijzakova1; S.V. Yarovoy2
1FSBEE HE Siberian Fire and Rescue Academy EMERCOM of Russia
1FSBEE HE Reshetnev Siberian State University of Science and Technology

The algorithm of decision-making in the fight against forest fires is described, and the possibility of its optimization is presented. The necessity of using the decision support system for forest fires extinguishing is substantiated. The decision support system “Taiga – Analyst” is presented, which allows modeling the spread of a natural fire on the earth’s surface, taking into account the characteristics of the terrain and the forces and means used to extinguish it.

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