Development of the classification scale of forest fires

Development of the classification scale of forest fires

S.G. Aksenov, Holder of an Advanced Doctorate (Doctor of Science) in Economic Sciences, Full Professor; E.S. Nasyrova, Ph.D. of Engineering Sciences; M.A. Leonteva; A.V. Fazylova
Ufa State Aviation Technical University

In the work forest fires and their classifications are analyzed. Researchers in their works offer various classifications for ground, crown and underground fires. All fires, regardless of their type, are united by one parameter – fire area. The analysis of the literature showed that there is no accurate classification of forest fires of catastrophic class (area of 1000-10000 ha). The classification of forest fires according to the area covered by the fire was developed by method of classification scales construction. The proposed classification includes five main classes of forest fires, each of which is divided into subclasses. In accordance with the developed classification, fires in the Republic of Bashkortostan in September 2018 were analyzed. The developed classification is applied in practice, for example, in land restoration after fires.

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