Investigation of the temperature field in mine working in the vincinity of a seat of fire during emergency rescue operations in coal mines

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Agarkov A.V.
The «Respirator» State Scientific Research Institute of Mine-rescue Work, Fire Safety and Civil Protection of the Ministry of the Donetsk People’s Republic for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters

The relevance of monitoring and control of the mine environment during elimination of fires at the mining enterprises has been presented. The investigation results of the temperature field in the mine working of the coal mine in the vicinity of the seat of fire have been presented. It has been established that if the temperature behind the seat of fire does not depend much on the temperature diffusivity coefficient, then the length of the temperature «plume» before the seat of fire substantially depends on it. The dependence of the distribution of relative temperatures in front of and behind the seat of fire in the mine working of a coal mine has been presented. According to the proposed methodology it is possible to find the distribution of temperatures along the entire length of the mine working with a seat of fire. The further promising areas of theoretical and experimental studies of the unsteady distribution of fire gases along the length and cross section of the mine workings of coal mines during the accidents have been adduced.

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