Analysis of the experience of application of pump and hose systems in the territory of the siberian federal district

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Baturo A.N., Ph.D. of Engineering Sciences; Martinovich N.V.; Malyutin O.S.; Zuev R.V.; Elfimova M.V., Ph.D. of Engineering Sciences, Docent
Siberian Fire and Rescue Academy of Firefighting Service of EMERCOM of Russia

The article provides data on the use of pumping and hose systems by fire and rescue units in the Siberian Federal District over the past three years. The analysis of the data is carried out and the shortcomings of the existing pumping and hose systems noted by the Main Directorates of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia of the subjects of the Siberian Federal District from 2017 to June 2020. Based on the results of the analysis of the use of tubing systems, conclusions were drawn on the future development of these systems.

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