On the issue of providing imitation protection in systems based on the use of emergency beacons

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A.A. Gavrishev

Systems based on the use of emergency beacons are considered. It is noted that one of their main disadvantages is the availability of transmitted information to an outside observer. It is established that noise-like signals are used in known systems to eliminate this disadvantage. However, most of the well-known works do not pay enough attention to the issues of providing imitation protection of these systems from spoofing the transmitted data. Taking into account the work [2; 13], an imitation protection system based on the use of emergency beacons was developed. A block diagram of the developed imitation protection system is given, and the order of its functioning is described. The developed system, unlike most known systems, can be used to identify and verify the search station for the purpose of transmitting or refusing to transmit the required information to it.

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