Assessment of social fire risk in multi-family residential buildings

Bobrinev E.V., Ph.D. of Biological Sciences, Senior Research Officer; Kondashov A.A., Ph.D. of Physico-mathematical Sciences; Udavtsova E.Yu., Ph.D. of Engineering Sciences; Mashtakov V.A.
The Badge of Honorur Federal State Budgetary Establishment All-Russia Research Institute for Fire Protection

Problems of estimation and calculation of social fire risk based on statistical data are considered. Social fire risk was assessed for groups of similar objects (five-storey and nine-storey residential buildings). It is shown that the obtained estimates of social fire risk do not differ for five-story and nine-story residential buildings. It is concluded that when assessing the social fire risk, it is not the number of people in the building that is important, but the number of people at risk who are exposed to fire hazards.

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