Expanding the application of bionic morse code for covert hydroacoustic communication systems

Gavrishev A.A.
North-Caucasus Federal University

Covert hydroacoustic communication systems based on biosimilar signals are considered on the example of a covert hydroacoustic communication system from [13; 14], which is based on the bionic Morse code. It is shown that in the well-known works [13; 14] does not present bionic Morse code for Russian letters, numerical values ​​and punctuation marks, which potentially narrows the scope of its application. A bionic Morse code has been developed, extending the use of the bionic Morse code from [13; 14] for covert hydroacoustic communication systems, for example, in the prevention and elimination of emergencies at water and underwater objects, the study of potentially dangerous underwater objects and other special tasks, by adding Russian letters, numbers and punctuation marks to it.

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