Methodology for assessing the risk of developing a fire- hazardous situation on an offshore oil tanker

Nikolay M. Loran
Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia for the Kemerovo Region, Kemerovo, Russia,

The article deals with the actual problems of research of methods of fire protection on oil-carrying sea tankers. The features of the analysis of the assessment of the security of offshore oil tankers based on probabilistic indicators are given. Particular attention is paid to the review of methodological approaches to ensuring fire protection for the storage and transportation of oil and petroleum products by offshore oil tankers. Based on the analysis and generalization of existing methodological approaches, a method for calculating the probabilistic indicators of a fire on an oil tanker is proposed. At the same time, the risk assessment matrix provides a qualitative (semi-quantitative) analysis of the risk level of an undesirable event on an oil tanker and allows you to form a scale of the list of significant hazards.

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