Thermal conductivity of backfills of hollow microspheres as elements of fire-resistant coatings

Dmitrii P. Volkov1,
Yury P. Zarichnyack2,
Aleksandra A. Marova3,
Anatolii. A. Kuzmin1

1St. Petersburg University of State Fire Service of Emercom of Russia, St.Petersburg, Russia;
2ITMO University, Saint Petersburg, Russia;
3St. Petersburg State University Russia, St.Petersburg, Russia

The structure of free backfill of hollow glass and borosilicate micr spheres is investigated. The processes of conductive transfer of thermal energy in micr spheres, molecular and radiant heat transfer in pores between microspheres are consi ered. The proposed model of the structure developed a procedure for calculating / predicting the effective thermal conductivity of free fillings of hollow micro spheres. The results of the calculation are compared with the published experimental data of various independent sources.

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