Analysis of the use of devices used for detection of combustion initiators traces at the fire site

Belyak A.L.1,2, Ph.D. of Engineering Sciences; Mogilnikova A.V.1, Ph.D. of Engineering Sciences; VasilyevA.V.2, Ph.D. of Engineering Sciences; Gorbunov A.S.2
1East-Siberian Institute of the MIA of Russia
2FSBEE HE Siberian Fire and Rescue Academy of Firefighting Service of EMERCOM of Russia

The version of arson is one of the most frequently worked out when determining the cause of the fire. The task of establishing the fact of arson can become the number one task for interrogators and fire criminologists. The main qualifying feature of arson is the fact that when examining the place of fire, traces of the use of combustion initiators are detected. This article provides methods for identifying combustion initiators using various methods.

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